The New Face of Carbon Mitigation: Making Hydrocarbons "Green"
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by Justin Dargin

La funivia a Vigo di Fassa

The 1990’s were a benchmark in human history; because it marked the era that acceptance of climate change became so great that it would no longer be relegated to the fantasies of a few “anarcho-environmentalists”. In attempting to deal with the threat of climate change, the global community has attempted solutions for the large amount of greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide being the main culprit – emitted into the air annually.
One proposal to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial sources, such as fossil-fuel power or industrial plants, is the Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration method, also known as CCS. The idea behind CCS is to “capture” and store carbon emissions using subsurface saline aquifers, oceans, and reservoirs, for reinjection into mature oil fields. The basic premise behind CCS is that greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, can be drastically cut by capturing it prior to release, and then storing it in some type of geological formation. However, longterm storage is still untried on an industry wide scale, and no large scale power or industrial plant currently operates with a full CCS system in place. [...]

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