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The green heart of Austria is now even greener, also when it comes to business.
In the Austrian region of Styria operates the cluster Eco World Styria,
excellence district for energy and environmental technology.
Founded in 2005, today it comprises more than 150 firms and about 13.000
eco-jobs. The companies involved, reached 2,7 billion euro of turnover in the environmental technology segment, that is about 8% of the regional GDP.
The average growth of last years, about 22%, was definitely higher than
the average growth of the international market and it points out that shares
of the global market have been acquired.

This year Eco World Styria qualified first in the international classification
realized by the American Cleantech Group, thanks to the highest density
of clean technology industries as regards quantity, volume of business,
GDP contribute and annual growth. The companies of Eco World Styria overcame, in the classification, New England (Usa), Finland, Canada
and Danmark. The aim of the Austrian cluster is to keep the primacy,
doubling the number of green firms within the end of 2015.

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