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The business of carbon capture and storage presents significant new opportunities for the power-generation, oil and gas, and financial services sectors.

PSI Media of Las Vegas (USA) announces a series of special publications to chart the progress and identify business opportunities in rapidly growing markets for technologies that minimize pollutant emissions associated with the use of fossil fuels. Renewables and nuclear power are also included in this framework. The new publications are part of a joint collaboration on editorial projects of mutual interest - ones focusing on the development of sustainable clean-energy resources and conservation strategies and technologies - between PSI Media and Editrice Alkes of Milan. The Italian consultant IPG Industrial Project Group will assist these publishers from technical point of view. A primary goal of the publications and related activities is to create synergies and business connections among stakeholders in the selected countries/regions and their counterparts in the US, Europe, Japan, etcetera.
The CCS Handbook, scheduled for release in Fall 2010, will focus on the technologies, financing, regulatory framework, and permitting processes required to make carbon capture and storage commercially viable for environmental preservation. The other three publications are designed to identify business opportunities in the power-generation and oil and gas sectors in specific countries and regions with high investment potential.They are (publication dates in parentheses): 2010 Brazil Energy Handbook (December 2009); 2010 India Energy Handbook (May 2010); 2011 East Europe Energy Handbook (December 2010).

Strategic assessment
The state of the CCS industry
CO2 capture technologies
Financing, public and private
Regulatory framework and permitting
Impact of CCS on power plant design, operation, maintenance, staffing
CO2 transportation
CO2 storage and beneficial reuse [...]

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